Choosing a taxidermist before the hunt

Your trophy is of great pride and brings back memories of your hunt. It is also costly and therefore it pays by choosing a taxidermist of superior quality.

There would be very unpleasant consequences if your trophy ended up in the hands of an inexperienced taxidermist who cannot be held liable for incorrect treatment of your trophy. If you choose the wrong taxidermist before the hunt, pay for the mount and then get trophies that are destroyed or poorly made, there is usually nothing you can do about it.

However, with First Class Trophy you can rest assured that you have  chosen quality and safety, guaranteed. With us you get Danish handling of the highest quality and 100% accountability. We welcome you to visit our showrooms, where you can both see and feel the quality of our work.

When you select us as your taxidermist, we take it as an expression of trust in us. This trust we will live up to – always.

Trophy tags

As a service to our customers we offer our trophy tags. These are made of a special PVC material resistant to acids. They also tolerate salt, strong sunlight, heat, cold, etc. The tags can be written on with a waterproof marker. Please send an email or give us a call and we will send the number of trophy tags you require. This service is free of charge. Please make sure that you order enough tags before the hunt for horns, skull, skin and possibly back skins.

Routing Order

Prior to departure on your hunt,  we recommend that you contact an experienced freight forwarder specializing in trophy handling – such as Agility Logistics or Labrador Cargo – and ask them to carry out a Routing Order.

Take this with you on your hunting trip and give it to your outfitter or PH, where all the instructions on the repatriation of your trophies will be carried out.

The Routing Order will be prepared with a number of copies. You keep one and your outfitter or PH keeps the others to present to the local taxidermist, who, in cooperation with a freight forwarder, provides for ‘Dip & Pack’ and the handling of your trophies.

choosing a taxidermist