Shipping of your trophy

We recommend that you use an agent who has extensive knowledge, to handle your hunting trophies from abroad. There many rules and regulations which require professional knowledge and experience. We can recommend forwarding agent Agility Logistics. They have vast experience in dealing with hunting trophies from abroad, including insurance, CITES documents, veterinary permits and approvals. With them, you have a 100% assurance that your trophies are in experienced hands from start to finish.

We are happy to help with further information about the shipping agent, and you are also welcome to contact them:

Agility Logistics

Hammerholmen 39D, 2650 Hvidovre
Tel: 7010 2066
Fax: 7010 2067

Henrik Prebensen
Tel: 32462968

Bob Karlsen
Tel: 32462991


Labrador Cargo
Marlene Jürgensen
Telefon +45 51952517

Routing Order

Before you go on your hunting trip, we recommend that you contact the shipping agent and get them to draw up a Routing Order.

Take the Routing Order on your hunting trip and give it to your outfitter or PH, where all the instructions according to the transport of your trophies will be carried out.

You will receive a number of copies. You keep one and your outfitter or PH will keep the others, including the local taxidermist, which provides ‘Dip & Pack’ and handling of your trophies in cooperation with the shipping agent.

Remember to order your trophy tags from First Class Trophy, prior to your hunting trip.

Bank information

Spar Nord Bank A/S. Skelagervej 15, DK-9100 Aalborg, Denmark

National bank transfer
Account number:  9004 4580491206

International bank transfer
IBAN: DK3590044580491206
Swift: SPNODK22

Pickup or delivery of the completed trophy

We offer our customers several options regarding the collection and delivery of completed trophy mounts, including door-to-door service. Please contact us with your preference.