First Class Trophy expands on Zealand

As of 1 January, certified taxidermists Brian Filipsen are part of First Class Trophy. Brian continue to run his own businesses in Albertslund, but change the name and business concept to First Class Trophy.

’The many years of experience, the dedication to the profession and the very high quality standards of the two taxidermists perfectly match what we at First Class Trophy wish to stand for. The admission of the two new partners is the first step in a series of action to bring us to the very best of the European taxidermists “Super League”’, says Carsten Skakkebæk from First Class Trophy AARHUS, who founded the company in 2009.

’I have been running my own taxidermy business since 1989 and now I wish to become part of a larger and more future-oriented concept. As part of First Class Trophy I get access to favourable purchasing contracts, efficient IT and logistics systems, extensive production facilities and the exchange of experience, which can give my workshop the necessary strength to be able to offer our customers even more benefits and an invariably attractive price level,’ Brian Filipsen explained. ’I have always focused on high quality and constant professional development. Now I look forward to helping with product development, professional development and training of taxidermists at partner workshops within First Class Trophy,’ he continued.