Fish Preparation in the Field

Selecting the Display

Correct fish preparation is essential. It is very important that field treatment starts as soon as possible. Look carefully at both sides of the fish and decide which side should face outward when the fish hangs on the wall. As a rule, it should be the side with fewer scars and damage. If you want a pedestal mount, where both sides of the fish are visible, this is obviously not relevant.

Take pictures of the fish within minutes of it being caught as changes in the fish’s skin color happen very quickly once out of the water. This will help when you have to paint the body later.

Treatment of Trophy Fish

Keep trophy fish separate from other fish. If you have a cooler to transport the fish in, place trophy fish on top to avoid the risk of bruising. Do not pack trophy fish in newspaper or a plastic bag. Do not gut the fish or cut it in any way.

Freezing of Trophy Fish

The fish must be frozen as soon as possible – preferably within 6 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. Place a hard piece of wood or plastic into the freezer, the length of the fish. Wrap the fish in some grease proof paper or other material that will not stick to the skin. Place the fish on the wood/plastic. Ensure that there is nothing else in the freezer that will touch the fish.

Freeze the fish completely. When fully frozen, spray atomized water over the fish which freezes into an ice glaze around the fish. When sufficient ice glaze has developed the fish may be wrapped in a plastic bag, plastic film or kitchen film and then a piece of cloth, eg. a sheet, that will not discolor the fish.

Fish Preparation for Fiberglass Replications

These are an exact copy of fish that are caught and released.

Measure the live fish before releasing it back into the water. The main goal is the fish’s total length, measured from tip of nose to tip of tail. Weigh the fish and measure the circumference at the largest part of the body (directly in front of the dorsal fin). This is useful but not essential if the fish is stressed.

Take as many pictures as possible without your fish becoming stressed. With good pictures, we can create an exact fiberglass reproduction of your fish.

Custom Replications

We can also make the installation as a fiberglass cast of your trophy fish. The result is an exact fiberglass reproduction of the fish you have caught.