International Expo Tour 2019

Hello to everybody: clients, hunters, nature enthusiasts, zoologists, ornithologists, friends and partners from all over the world.

Taxidermy is a beautiful mix of Art, Creativity and Craftsmanship. Only the best quality is good enough for our clients. We always strive to deliver the best quality mount, everytime. Our day-to-day working guideline is: You are not better than the last mount you did!

We invite you to experience First Class Trophy face-to-face to see how we transform skin and feathers into beautiful mounts and taxidermy work.

The schedule below will provide you with information on how to schedule your trip to see us ”live”.

What to expect

Our staff at the expo will be delighted to have a chat about Art, Creativity and Craftsmanship. We love our work and will be more than happy to share ideas and suggestions with you about your next taxidermy mount. If you are a taxidermist yourself, you are more than welcome to come and ”hang out” and chat with us. We are always looking to share news in our industry, talk about new developments in techniques, materials and ”bits & bobs” that can improve the work we do. We are constantly looking for more staff to support us in our goal to be the best taxidermy company in Europe. So please come and see us.

Men at work. Meet the World Champion taxidermist and sculptor, Ken Walker

On the Dortmund and Salzburg Expo our Quality & Creativity Director Ken Walker and 2 of our talented taxidermists, Roland Rytko and Florian Horvath, will be doing ”show-mounting” on our stand. They will do both mammals and birds.

The reputation of the World Champion taxidermist and sculptor, Ken Walker, is known worldwide. For decades he has shared his talent and dedication to taxidermy with countless colleagues and museums all over the world and has done training seminars at numerous World Championships and European Championships.

His 40 years experience has led him to win the title “BEST IN WORLD” 3 times. He has also won numerous other awards. These results, in combination with our other taxidermists many years of experience and remarkable results at international competitions, ensure that you will have a fantastic opportunity to see and experience work of a world class standard done “live” right in front of your very own eyes.

The pictures here show some of Ken Walker’s and some of our other taxidermists work

We very much look forward to welcome you to our stand.


Dortmund Jagd & Hund 2019
Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH
29 January – 3 February (only show-mounting 29 January – 1 February)
Halle 7 Stand D30
Staff: Ken Walker, Roland Rytko, Florian Horvath, Stefanus Prinsloo, Carsten Skakkebaek
Salzburg Hohe Jagd & Fischerei 2019
Messezentrum Salzburg
21–24 February 2019
Hall 8, Stand 0208
Staff: Ken Walker, Roland Rytko, Florian Horvath, Stefanus Prinsloo, Carsten Skakkebaek
Jagt & Udeliv 2019
Messecenter Vesthimmerland
23-24 February 2019
Staff: Ole Nielsen and Tommy Jøns