ALL INCLUSIVE concept in Namibia

Shipping and taxidermy work with “Track & Trace”

No hidden costs. All costs for taxidermy work and shipping are known to the client upfront.

Save 20% from 1st September 2017 if you live in an EU-country

First Class Trophy is represented in Namibia where we offer hunters our ALL INCLUSIVE concept. This concept gives the hunter the benefit of knowing the exact costs of taxidermy work and transport, before leaving his country.

Delivery of the finished trophy mounts are done directly to the hunter’s doorstep.  The taxidermy process of your trophy can be monitored step by step on our “Track & Trace” system.

Delivery to hunters living in an EU-country

We offer our unique ALL INCLUSIVE package with delivery of the finished hunting trophies direct to the hunters doorstep in all EU-country.  When the taxidermist work has been completed, we will dispatch the trophy mounts from our workshop directly to the hunter’s address. This could be either a home or business address of the hunter’s choice.

Delivery to hunters living outside the EU- countries

We cannot deliver trophies direct to the hunters doorstep of countries outside the EU (like Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Mexico, UAE, etc.). In these cases we deliver the trophy mounts to a local incoming agent (broker) in that country. The broker will take care of the local customs, duties, veterinary certificates and the internal shipping in that country, to the hunter. These local costs in non-EU countries are not included in our ALL INCLUSIVE prices.

First Class Trophy in Namibia

Our manager, Stefanus Prinsloo, was born and raised in Namibia.

Stefanus explains: “I was born and raised on a farm in central Namibia, called Okatjetswambo. My passion for Namibia’s great nature and wildlife comes from hunting, fishing and touring the country. Namibia is under my skin and will stay there forever. One of my ambitions is to inform people about Namibia and share my passion for the things I enjoy most such as hunting, fishing and traveling through this amazing country in Africa. I have been hunting since I could carry a rifle and these days I enjoy the thrill of bow hunting and getting up close to the animals. My wife and I moved to Germany and our life is now divided between Europe and Namibia.”

Stefanus is serving our Namibian hunting partners. His job includes, among many other things, to cater to every one of our Namibian clients’ needs. Follow up on their trophies, logistics, contact for the hunting area, as well as to follow up on time frames etc. He will keep track of the trophies from the hunting area to the hunter’s home, ensuring their safety.

Any questions you may have in connection with our All Inclusive concept in Namibia, please feel free to contact us.

Transport of trophies from Namibia to our workshop

The transport from from Namibia to our workshop in Europe is done in close partnership with our specialized professional hunting trophy brokers, who have many years of experience with trophy transport. Your trophies are in absolutely safe hands from start to finish.

The benefits of our ALL INCLUSIVE Concept

EXPERIENCED AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANZATION. From the very beginning and, until you receive them, the trophies will be handled by a responsible and professional organization that you can contact at anytime. We speak Danish, Swedish, English, German, Afrikaans, Chinese and Russian.

FIXED AND PRE-KNOWN COSTS. You will know the exact costs of the taxidermy work, transport, insurance, veterinary certificates, custom duties, etc. before you go on your hunting trip. Our prices include everything.  There will be no hidden costs or unexpected additional invoices coming to you after your hunting trip. Many hunters have had their hunting trip spoiled by these unexpected expenses. You can calculate your ALL INCLUSIVE costs on-line here :  On-line calculator If you using SAFARI as internet browser, you must use this link to the calculator SAFARI CALCULATOR

You can also download our ALL INCLUSIVE pricelists on these links:

ALL INCLUSIVE pricelist for hunters living in an EU-country

ALL INCLUSIVE pricelist for hunters living in Norway & Switzerland

ALL INCLUSIVE pricelist for hunters living in USA/Canada/Mexico

TRACK & TRACE. First Class Trophy has introduced what is probably the taxidermy industry’s first fully integrated web-based Order and Production Portal where our customers and partners can log in and check order information, follow the production of taxidermy orders, check how far an order is progressing, check the expected delivery date, check billing / deposit and balance payment, etc. Along with the ability to log in, you, as a customer, get an automatic email notification each time a work status changes in our production. For example, when the skin is tanned. We operate with 8-12 stages in a production process, depending on the type of taxidermy work. Once you become a registered in our IT system, you get an email with a username and login info. The Order and Production portal has been developed as part of our efforts to give our customers accurate and detailed information about the work we do. The portal is part of our IT system that enables us to implement efficient production with a minimum of time wastage, so that we can continue to supply high quality workmanship at competitive prices.

YOUR TROPHIES ARE INSURED. Your trophies will be insured from the moment our shipping partner collects them from the local ‘Dip & Pack’ partner, all the way until you receive them. Our insurance covers trophy fees, ‘Dip & Pack’, taxidermy work and transport. The costs of this insurance is only 1% of the amount insured.

FAST DELIVERY. Your trophy mounts will be completed and delivered within 8-12 months after your payment of 50% deposit. The delivery time can sometimes take 1-2 months extra, if the have to wait for the export papers from the Namibian Nature Conservation.

DIRECT DELIVERY TO ANY ADDRESS IN EU- COUNTRIES. The trophy mounts will be sent directly from our workshop to the hunters doorstep. This can be either a home address or a business address.

DIRECT DELIVERY TO BROKER IF ADDRESS OUTSIDE EU- COUNTRIES. We cannot deliver trophies direct to the hunters doorstep of countries outside the EU (like Norwaw, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, UAE, etc. )In these cases we deliver the trophy mounts to a local incoming agent in that country. They will take care of the local customs, duties, veterinary certificates and the internal shipping in that country, to the hunter. These local costs in non-EU countries are not included in our ALL INCLUSIVE prices.

BALANCE OF PAYMENTS 2 WEEKS BEFORE DELIVERY. Your final 50% balance of payment will only be due 2 weeks before scheduled delivery of your trophies, not several months before which is the normal practice for most African taxidermists.

The following hunting farms or outfitters are recommending our ALL INCLUSIVE concept. To book a hunting trip, please contact them directly, or book via the hunting agency:

Aru Game Lodges, Otjiruze SafarisOtjimbuku JagdfarmOmatako Hunting TrailsOmujeve Hunting SafarisS.F.S. Hunting Safaris, Sesembo Hunting SafarisDana Hunting Safaris, Estreux Safaris, Toekoms Bowhunting, Okaseka Hunting Safaris, Ganeib Hunting SafarisOmalanga SafarisNeuhof Safaris, Baobab Game Ranch, Ruark Game Safaris, Namibia Safari Corporation, Omatjete Hunting Safaris,  Ondjiviro Hunting Safaris, JJ Hunting Adventures, Kovahange Hunting Safaris

Contact First Class Trophy for further information in connection with our All Inclusive concept in Namibia.

Manager for Namibia:
Stefanus Prinsloo
Cell – +264 81 449 2498

Head office: Tel +45 70 200 850

If you have already booked a hunting trip to Namibia and you do not find your hunting farm or outfitter in the above list, we may still be able to help you with our ALL INCLUSIVE  concept. Call or email us for further information.