Order – and Production Portal

First Class Trophy has introduced what is probably the taxidermy industry’s first fully integrated web-based Order and Production Portal where our customers and partners can log in and check order information, follow the production of taxidermy orders, check how far an order is progressing, check the expected delivery date, check billing / deposit and balance payment, etc.

Along with the ability to log in, you, as a customer, get an automatic email notification each time a work status changes in our production. For example, when the skin is tanned. We operate with 8-12 stages in a production process, depending on the type of taxidermy work.

Once you become a registered in our IT system, you get an email with a username and login info.

The Order and Production portal has been developed as part of our efforts to give our customers accurate and detailed information about the work we do.

The portal is part of our IT system that enables us to implement efficient production with a minimum of time wastage, so that we can continue to supply high quality workmanship at competitive prices.