Our mission is to create beautiful trophy mounts for proud hunters worldwide.
And it looks like we are succeeding, as today we are the largest taxidermist in Europe.

What our clients have to say:


My Caribou and Musk Ox mounts made by First Class Trophy are the best trophies in my collection. It will be my pleasure to give reference for Russian hunters. And my congratulations with your awards.






Vladimir Nechitaylov | Ekaterinburg, Russia


The two crates were delivered yesterday. I have only opened my crate and I must say that I'm very much impressed. Not only by the work, but also how well it was packed within the crate. So I am very pleased with your delivery and the ALL INCLUSIVE package. I certainly will recommend you to anyone that have a need for this deal. The other crate, for my son, will pick up at our house within the summer. He lives up north in Norway…

So thanks again..

Morten Liseth | Bergen, Norway


We've received all our trophies in safety. It's really amazing! You are miracle-workers! It wasn't our first experience to receive this kind of goods. Before that we got it from South Africa. And we happy to announce you that in our eyes to have a deal with you is only pleasure! All in time and the quality more than good! And the same we whould like to say about your partners here in Russia, who took care about the import and final delivery to our homes. All what they did was very professional, in time and without unnecessary borings. Thank you for all. We absolutely satisfied and hope to have a deal with your company in future!



Kirill Fedorov | St. Peterburg, Russia


In connection with my family hunting trip to Zimbabwe in 2015 there occurred subsequent problems with the export of the hunting trophies. With their experience, knowledge and contacts in the area First Class Trophy managed to solve all problems and got our trophies safely to Denmark. The fact that all animals - Hippo, Oryx, Warthog and Kudu - were mounted and finalized in every detail, helps to swing our experience with First Class Trophy up to 5 stars.

Good craftsmanship - and well done!

Niels Bach| Fjerritslev, Denmark


First Class Trophy handled 15 animals I harvested on a safari.  It was the most simple, transparent and efficient process I ever engaged.  All trophies arrived in the US in perfect condition and all paperwork was precisely executed.  I have seen a lot of issues over the years with incorrect paperwork, skins not handled correctly, mounts that were not produced with care. The experience I had with First Class Trophy was First Class.  I plan to continue to use them for all my future hunts abroad.  Thank you First Class Trophy for being not only a First Class Act but most importantly, for building your company with people with whom I both trust and respect.

Leo Herbette | Connecticut, United States


The reason I use First Class Trophy is the quality of the work are very high in relation to the price and that all transport and contact "along the way" is very professional! I have got taxidermy work from six continents created by First Class Trophy and is just super happy with both the shoulder mounts and the full mounts. I can warmly recommend other hunters to use First Class Trophy!!





Bosse Nilsson | Häckeberga, Skåne, Sweden


The past 6 years I have exclusively used First Class Trophy for mounting of all my hunting trophies. That includes Puma (full mount), Dall Sheep (full mount), Barbary Sheep (full mount), Roebuck (full mount), Chamois (full mount, Bison (shoulder mount) and Pheasant. All mounts are created in high quality and delivered within the agreed time. I give First Class Trophy 5 stars for complete satisfaction and recommends First Class Trophy.




Jan Thinggaard Nielsen | Sorø, Denmark


I was April 2015 in Namibia. I also had a lot hunting luck. I am fascinated with First Class Trophy! I was always aware of what was happening with my trophies and I was amazed that after only 9 months the mounted trophies came to me in Germany with DHL a box. My trophies were beautiful and perfectly mounted. Thanks for the perfect service.





Werner Steffan | Birkenau in the Odenwald, Germany

Our mission is to create beautiful trophy mounts for proud hunters worldwide.

And it looks like we are succeeding, as today we are the largest taxidermist in Europe. 

First Class Trophy is an international company with customers worldwide. We create trophy mounts of a very high standard and quality at attractive prices. Our head office is in Trige, Denmark, close to Aarhus. We also have workshop / branch in Albertslund (Copenhagen area). And sales offices in Sweden, Germany, South Africa, Namibia, South Africa, Russia and China.

We receive and ship worldwide in partnership with professional international trophy forwarding specialists. We have delivered several thousand trophy mounts to satisfied hunters and we thank you all for the confidence you have shown in us.

Focusing on anatomy and wildlife behaviour

We use only “state of the art” materials and create the animal with focus on anatomy, accuracy, and genuine wildlife behavior.


"TRACK & TRACE" Web Portal

First Class Trophy has introduced what is probably the taxidermy industry's first fully integrated web-based Order and Production Portal where our customers and partners can log in and check order information, follow the production of taxidermy orders, check how far an order is progressing, check the expected delivery date, check billing / deposit and balance payment, etc.


Top Placements at World Championships

Bronze at The World Taxidermy Champinonships 2012
Silver at European Taxidermy Championships 2014

Salzburg hosted the World Championships in 2008 and was, once again, the host for this great event. The competition, from 19 - 26 February 2012, was arranged by Reed Messe, Salzburg Gmbh, with contributions from the Austrian Guild of Fashion and Clothing technology, European Taxidermy Federation, and 'Break Through' Magazine Inc.


All Inclusive – South Africa and Namibia

No hidden costs. All costs for taxidermy work and shipping are known to the client upfront.

We are represented in South Africa and Namibia. Managers Ulrik Hansen in South Africa and Stefanus Prinsloo in Namibia offer our All Inclusive concept. The hunter will know in advance all costs regarding trophy transport, taxidermy, insurance, etc. There are no unexpected extra bills.


2 new Portfolio Books with photos of our Trophy Mounts

Order your free sample of the books

The reason for establishing First Class Trophy was to offer trophy mounts of a high quality and at prices people could only dream of. With a rapid increase in the demand for our quality mounts, we can honestly say that our concept is highly regarded by hunters all over the world. We have published 2 portfolio books – one with African trophies and one with European, North American, South American and Asian trophies. Each book has more than 50 pages showing photos of some of the trophy mounts that we have had the pleasure of creating for our customers.

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Easy-to-use ALL INCLUSIVE calculator

Calculate your total cost for taxidermy work and transport cost of your hunting trophies.

First Class Trophy offer our ALL INCLUSIVE concept for all hunters who hunts in South Africa and Namibia with home address in an EU-country, Norway, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia and China.

Calculate your total cost after or even prior to the hunt

This concept gives the hunter the benefit of knowing the exact costs of transport cost and the taxidermy cost for his / her hunting trophies. And you can even calculate your cost budget prior to the hunt.

Our prices includes ALL COST like taxidermy work, transport, insurance, veterinary certificates, custom duties, etc. There will be no hidden costs or unexpected additional invoices coming to you after your hunting trip. Many hunters have had their hunting trip spoiled by these unexpected expenses.

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First Class Trophy expands on Zealand

As of 1 January, certified taxidermists Brian Filipsen are part of First Class Trophy. Brian continue to run his own businesses in Albertslund, but change the name and business concept to First Class Trophy.

’The many years of experience, the dedication to the profession and the very high quality standards of the two taxidermists perfectly match what we at First Class Trophy wish to stand for. The admission of the two new partners is the first step in a series of action to bring us to the very best of the European taxidermists “Super League”’, says Carsten Skakkebæk from First Class Trophy AARHUS, who founded the company in 2009.

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