Bird Preparation

When in the field, correct bird preparation is important to ensure a high quality trophy. If possible pick up the bird yourself. Do not send the dog.

Lift up the bird up by its feet to avoid pulling out any feathers by accident. Avoid carrying the bird in your bird bag and rather hold it in your hands or carry it by its feet.

Take a clean cloth and some water and remove any blood and dirt. Do not remove the bird’s stomach. Leave the bird complete. If you must hang the bird, do so by its feet and not around the neck. Pay extra attention not to pull out or break any feathers. Also pay extra attention to the feathers on the head.

Let the bird cool down in the shade until cold and then place it in an airtight plastic bag. Freeze the bird as soon as possible. To protect the tail and head feathers it is advised to line the bag with a piece of stiff paper before you freeze the bird. Make sure the plastic bag is airtight to avoid the bird drying out.

If you want to send your bird to First Class Trophy, it must be packed in material that will keep the bird frozen for as long as possible. Layers of newspaper work well. Wrap the bird in a stiff box to protect against bumps and bruises during transport.