If you prefer to organize the shipping / transport yourself, we recommend that you use a forwarding agent who has extensive knowledge, to handle your hunting trophies from abroad. There are many rules and regulations which require professional knowledge and experience.

We offer to coordinate all shipping/transport for you. We work closely together with some of the best and most experienced forwarding agents. All of them have vast experience in dealing with hunting trophies from abroad, including insurance, CITES documents, veterinary permits, and approvals. With First Class Trophy as coordinator for your shipping/transport, you will get the best prices and you have 100% assurance that your trophies are in experienced hands from start to finish. 

ALL INCLUSIVE – when you want to know the price in advance and avoid unpleasant surprises.

We offer our ALL INCLUSIVE concept in several parts of the world (Africa, Greenland, Europe) where you know the price of taxidermy work, shipping/transport, insurance, veterinary costs, customs costs, and VAT in advance from start to finish. Read more about this concept here https://firstclasstrophy.com/all-in/ . Or call us on +45 70 200 850 and hear more about this option.

Routing Order

Before you go on your hunting trip, we recommend that you ask First Class Trophy for a ‘Routing Order’.

Take the Routing Order on your hunting trip and give it to your outfitter or PH, where all the instructions according to the transport of your trophies will be carried out.

You will receive a number of copies. You keep one and your outfitter or PH will keep the others, including the local taxidermist, which provides ‘Dip & Pack’ and handling of your trophies in cooperation with the shipping agent.

Trophy Tags

Remember to order your trophy tags from First Class Trophy, prior to your hunting trip.

Pickup or delivery of the completed trophy

We offer our customers several options regarding the delivery of completed trophy mounts, including door-to-door service. Please contact us with your preference.