Head Mount Trophies (mounted on wall)

Shoulder Mounts are the most common way of getting a trophy mounted.

The completed trophies will be delivered with an integrated steel hook, for easy mounting on the wall. You can choose if your trophy should face straight, left or right. This information must be given at the same time as ordering the trophies. Simply state on your order form which direction you would like your trophy to face.


Pedestal Mount Trophies

A pedestal mount is a flexible, freestanding trophy mount that gives you the opportunity to move around the house or office. A pedestal mount is a zoological work of art and often turns out to be the most admired trophy in the room. The pedestal on which the trophy is mounted can be made of wood, artificial rock/stone art or metal. It can also be done in a combination of these three.


Full Mount Trophies

A full mount is a very impressive and exclusive way of mounting your trophy. The animal can be placed in a position that you remember it being in during your hunt. You can choose if you want the animal to jump, run, stand still in a resting position, or perhaps lying down resting. A full mount is often completed with a ‘habitat‘, which is a small replica of the natural habitat where the hunt took place. It can be in the form of artificial stones, rocks, grass etc. These are mounted on the base of which your trophy is placed.


Tableau Mount Trophies

A tableau mount is the exclusive mounting of 2 or more animals, in a scene of a realistic nature, giving you a ‘replay’ of the actual hunting situation, or a realistic picture of the animals in their natural habitat.


Rug Mount Trophies

A rug mount is a space-saving way of mounting your trophy and is very impressive to look at. The skin is tanned and normally mounted with felt on the underside. The head can be mounted with a choice of the the mouth being open or closed.


Skull Mount/Tanning of skins

We offer tanning of skins, with or without felt (whole skins or back skins).  We also offer traditional skull mount or European mounts of horns. We also make trophies from the teeth of warthog, hippo, wild boar, skulls etc. We have a big selection of plates for these mounts. Please call us to find out about the choices available.


Trophy Mounts – principle sketches and opportunities

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