Our mission is to create beautiful trophy mounts for proud hunters worldwide

And it looks like we are succeeding, as today we are the largest taxidermy company in Europe

First Class Trophy is an international taxidermy company with customers all over the world. We create trophy mounts of a very high quality with focus on anatomy, accuracy and genuine wildlife behavior.

360-degree service package around the trophy

also deliver a 360 degree personalized service package around the trophy. This service package must be supported by effective IT-systems, modern and appropriate production facilities and technologies, efficient and accurate logistic solution to support and help the hunter with the trophy all over the word, fast and precise communication with the client, customer on-line access to web-based production portal, reasonable turn-around times and value-for-money pricing.

1 contact

For many of our customers we manage and coordinate the entire “battle” process of the repatriation of trophies from all over the world and delivery of the finished trophy mounts to the door. The hunter has only 1 contact and it’s First Class Trophy. It saves time, disappointments and money


Our taxidermists are getting top Placements at World Championships & European Championships.
See some of the Awards here:https://firstclasstrophy.com/international-awards/

We offer many different kinds of taxidermy work for your trophy mounts:

  • Pedestal mount (floor and wall)
  • Full mount
  • Table mount
  • Rug mount (carpet with ½ head)
  • European mount (skull/horn on a plate)

All taxidermy work is carried out to the customer’s exact specifications.


The prices of our trophy mounts are very competitive. Please compare them to that of our colleagues.

Shipping and delivery of trophies

When you hunt an animal abroad, we recommend that you use a certified and experienced trophy shipping specialist to handle the transport. We receive and ship worldwide in partnership with professional trophy forwarding specialists. Our partners are among the best in the world.

Trophies from abroad

If you hunt abroad, it is wise that you contact us before the trip to receive our trophy tags to take with you. Using our trophy tags and an experienced shipping company will save you a lot of unnecessary work and worries.

We can also help and advise you regarding the transport of trophy mounts to Denmark, including guidance with the best shipping agent to use.

Delivery time

Our delivery times are 6 – 9 months from payment of the deposit

Our customers choose First Class Trophy for several reasons – some of them are:

  • With World Champion taxidermist  Ken Walker in the lead of our taxidermist team, you can expect a beautiful trophy that you will enjoy for many years to come. Ken Walker has won the title “BEST IN THE WORLD” no less than 3 times.  We get top results at international competitions. See some of our awards here: https://firstclasstrophy.com/international-awards
  • We are Europe’s largest taxidermy company and can, through large-scale purchases of the best materials on the market, produce cost-effectively and thus offer the market’s best prices. Download price lists and other useful information: https://firstclasstrophy.com/marketing/FCT-QRcode-Eng.pdf
  • We have fast and accurate communication with the customer. We offer our customers online access to web-based production portal with “Track & Trace”
  • We have short delivery times – we usually deliver within 6-9 months after we have received the trophy at our workshop.
  • We have been supplying taxidermy work / trophy mounts to customers from more than 35 countries since 2008. See customer recommendations on our website (just below our presentation film: https://firstclasstrophy.com). See also what customers say about First Class Trophy at Trust Pilot: https://dk.trustpilot.com/review/firstclasstrophy.dk
  • We offer free insect protection of the mount with Mount Medix and we can also offer an efficient maintenance program. See more here: https://mountmedix.eu/3-trin/MountMedix-mb.pdf
  • Download our 68-page ‘Portfolio Book’ with lots of photos and inspiration for your next trophy mount: https://firstclasstrophy.com/marketing/FCT-Portfolio-Book.pdf


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