The World Champion taxidermist Ken Walker becomes Director of Quality & Creativity in First Class Trophy

The canadian taxidermist Ken Walker has joined the Danish taxidermy company First Class Trophy as Director of Quality & Creativity

The reputation of the 3 times World Champion taxidermist and sculptor, Ken Walker, is known worldwide . For decades he has shared his talent and dedication to taxidermy with countless colleagues and museums all over the world and has done training seminars at numerous World Championships and European Championships.

”The Ronaldo in the art of taxidermy”

”The combination of Ken Walker’s creative talent and experience, together with First Class Trophy´s modern and efficient production facilities in central Europe, makes a unique possibility for our company to develop and grow further”, says the CEO of First Class Trophy, Carsten Skakkebaek. He continues : ” We have for a while looked for a Director of Quality & Creativity with international recognition and adequate human resources to lead and guide our taxidermist team. We have been extremely lucky to have Ken Walker on board. He has achieved the title ”Best in World” 3 times. I can´t think of anyone better actually. In my view Ken is an icon in the taxidermy world – similar to Ronaldo´s star status in the world of football. With Ken as our Director of Quality & Creativity I´m confident that we can achive our goal to be the best taxidermy company in Europe within a few years”. Our customers will experience a level of quality from our workshop, that other taxidermists in Europe will find very difficult to match”.

”You are not better than the last mount you did”

”In my opinion taxidermy is a beautiful mix between Art, Creativity and Craftsmanship. For my clients only the best quality is good enough. I have always strived to deliver the best quality in every mount, everytime. You are not better than the last mount you did. With First Class Trophy I see a unique possibility to be part of a large international taxidermy company which continuously focuses on Art, Creativity and Craftsmanship in combination with modern production technology, supported by an ecient IT-platform”, Ken Walker added. He continues : ”The fact that First Class Trophy offers the hunter a 360 degree service package around the trophy, makes First Class Trophy unique. I don´t know of any other international taxidermist who is able to coordinate the “battle” of repatriation of hunting trophies from all over the world and subsequent delivery of the finished trophy mount to the hunter’s doorstep – everything done with only 1 contact for the hunter. That is First Class Trophy”.

Ken Walker will share his time between his own workshop “Walkers Wilderness Studios” in Alberta, Canada, and the First Class Trophy workshop in Pásztó, Hungary.

For any further information and enquiries please send an email to :
You can also call Carsten Skakkebaek on tel +45 40415158 or Ken Walker on either tel + 36 304637149 (Hungary) or tel +1 (780) 924-3200 (Canada)